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A collection of true stories in which eight Tanzanian youngsters from the Dogodogo Centre, Dar
es Salaam, recount their experiences as street children – why they left home, how they survived, where they found refuge, how they still love their families.

The book was funded by Unicef, with a foreword by Cherie Blair, who visited the centre in 2007. Illustrations are by the boys themselves.

Dogodogo Tanzanian street children tell their stories

street children drawing

“Dogodogo…is an inspiring story of how Tanzanian street children find refuge then love and fellowship.”

Rt Hon David Milliband MP

Foreign Secretary

“The nights
were worse than
the days. I was

always hungry,

and when it

rained I felt too

wet and cold
to sleep.”


Dogodogo picture

“I dreamed of going to school, but what school would take me? I was too dirty.” Edward